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Yatta i got finished watching Angel Beats! 1 ~ 13 + 13.5 + 14 [Include NCED 1 ~ 7 + NCOP]. So Funny (Episode 5 For Sure) yet Heart Touching (Almost at all Sad Scene Include Kanade and Yuzuru Separation at Episode 13 Graduation Minute 19 ~ end. I Cried a lot at that scene). Yep I know theres alot of question around the other member of SSS, like T.K., Noda, Takamatsu, and other that not mention how they died, they past memories about their real life, and how they graduate from there. Except that I really enjoy this series so much
Note : I Love Kanade-Chan, Her hair color same as My Favourite Color ‘Powder Blue’ (I Love all Blue Color but i got specific one like Sky Blue. Maybe it more brighter than that but seems only that match with Kanade-Chan Hair Color) and Her Voice Actress got same birthday as mine (There’s no official date of Kanade-Chan birthday but i usually match it with their Sound Actor/Actress birthday)
Here the List of Angel Beats!
Angel Beats! File List
Grab these Collection for free if you got to My Home =)

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