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Tenshi Reporting in.
Same as the front slider, I’m glad that there is a publisher that want to adopt Metal Assault aka Giga Slave to Indonesia.
I thought that I will never play this game after the shutdown of Metal Assault NA by Aeria Games.
Now the CBT just close today at 12:00 AM, and will goes to OBT [Date will announce later at their site]
So now the Game Statistics that I can achieve during this CBT

Metal Assault Indonesia - Headshot !

Game Statistics

  • Nickname : Tenshi
  • Level : 2nd Lieutenant 1 L [Diamond 1] [87%]
  • PVP : Elite PVP Grade [3383 Points]
  • K/D Ratio : 5093 Kill / 2525 Death [2.02]
  • Pet : Level 9 [0%]
  • Guild : INAhazzard
  • Game Play time : Roughly from 13 August 2012 at 19:00 PM [Not more that 2~4 Days if You count my Game play time at Database]


All things going well as I planned, got awesome skilled player [Innka], many funny player [Zelda (Ninja), Kro, and others] and some retard player [I wont write the nickname here ..]


Here a Pic Me with Innka [Missing mbah janc.. aka bos :9]

Metal Assault Indonesia - Me and Innka

And Dedicated Meme for Innka :9 [Just Kidding ya Innka ]

Metal Assault Indonesia - Innka Meme

One things that I disappointed, its about Pet Event


Yea I know that requirement is level 10 pet to given at OBT, but as you can see, I’m starting play MA IDN at 13 August and receive Pet at 14 August approx 07:00 PM, and I only can level up My pet to Level 9. 9 Level in 7 Days with 2~3 days Server Empty because Idul Fitri aka Lebaran. There is no compensation for it ? I’m not blaming or whatsoever, just disappointed with that. Here My Pet Screenshot [Got Level-up under 30 Minute Server Shut Down]

Metal Assault Indonesia - Pet Level 9

Here’s the OBT Sneak peek as I ask the GM before server shut down
There-Is-No-Extra-Character-Name #Duh

Metal Assault Indonesia - Sneak Peek CBT

For Me ? That bad news, because I usually play with Kurisutaru as my Nickname [Or Alcatrazz / Varenchinusu], I didn’t hate Nickname Tenshi, just many player dunno how to call My Nickname (lol), for real that nickname can’t be shortened [Although Innka call me Tes .. ]. So for OBT, just call My Full Nickname or Kuri (Kuri from Kurisutaru), otherwise I will ignore you. (Kinda annoying you know :9)


Last Part, Gallery Area :9
I got break my Old Record with-in 30 Minute before Server shut down :9

Metal Assault Indonesia - Break the Record !

This all My Screenshot collection, usually from Mission Board Record (You can call me Mission Freak :9) and some Legend Item Box (I got Legend Core Power, Legend Robin, Legend Seven Hilt, F-Ogre Attachment Set, Many Rare / Ultra Rare Equipment (ex. Atria/Artria Camouflage Set those bushes Equipment for Sniper aka Ghillie suit ), but why i dont get any Legend Rupelli ? #Dafuq)


Dat Legend Rupelli …

Metal Assault Indonesia - Dat Rupelli ..

See at Minus : http://kurisutaru.minus.com/mpiJ6GHCz


That all from Me :9


Time to back to My Pangya! Server [ RPG-Pangya!] for a while :9. Don’t forget drop a Hi if you play at RPG-Pangya! or see Me at other games =3

RPG-Pangya! - Kurisutaru

ありがとう ございます !

Kurisutaru. (Tenshi)

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