[RPG-Pangya!] Indonesia Independence Day and Idul Fitri Day Art Contest 2012


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Heya long time not posted an Art Event Contest !
this one will be double theme, first one Indonesia 67th Independence Day and Idul Fitri.


Logo :
Pangya! JP Logo
Font : http://www.1001fonts.com/font_details.html?font_id=1048or you can choose ur fonts


Resolution : Must be 400×120 px


Must be .png and Transparent Background !


Harus ada Tulisan Kurisutaru’s Pangya! Corner Forum dan Logo Pangya JP
Here the Example that I made by my own self. Background Image Copyright KDRI @KDRI (sorry no design for Idul Fitri, got no resource to design it, gomen)
Kurisutaru's Pangya! Corner - 67th HUT RI Edition


Post your Submission Here !



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