[Giga Slave IDN] Got the prize for CBT Event


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Today I got time to go Digital 8 Office to take My Prize, I got welcome by Mr. Vito and we talk a bit about the game (including about My Character issue that GM said I got GB-ing, too bad GM didnt there when I came #LOL. But I would came back at 9 October to meet The Head Admin to share My thought).
According to him, the prize distribution were slow because they got no staff (or you can say all staff were busy enough) to do the distribution, so for player that live in Jakarta, just go to their office at Jalan Panjang no 8A, Graha Gramedia, Eight Floor. And for player that not live in Jakarta just be patient while they distribute as fast as they can.
Here My Prize (1 x Voucher Gramedia worth Rp.100.000 + 1 x Wallpaper Poster Giga Slave + 1 x CD Installation)

Giga Slave CBT Prize


Special thanks to Agus (IGN : YuuNecro) for Playing together at Level 1 Binus and Go to Digital 8 Office
Arigatou Gozaimasu Agus-san for your time.



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