[Game Update] December 2012


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Small quick update for recent game that I have been played from November until December

  • Giga Slave [Seems Retire, not got any interest anymore for this game, first Lagtard, second money power. Good things i got PS3 free from this game :laugh: ]
  • Mabinogi NA [Dunno if i can go play again, got no friend at Mari server 😥 ]
  • Elsword IDN [Pushed by many of my friend to play this game, so i test and enjoy the game, especially this game playable using joystick :laugh: ]
  • RPG-Pangya! [Dunno about this one, keeping server alive but no one support the server, keeping all off (advertising, patch, etc etc) those thingy on me :shifty: ]


Thats it for quick update



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