[Republikgame] End of My Journey at Republikgame


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Its been a long time for me that giving out my best for Republikgame. Now Republikgame shutting down and My Journey for Republikgame stopped here too.


First time I come to The-IDgamers for Counter-Strike, then i got promoted to Admin and Head Admin, beside Counter-Strike I got promoted to Game-Master of Ragnarok 2 : Gate of The World at 2009 and Pangya! until now.


I wanna say Honto ni Arigatou for
  • The-CStrike Crew [Benz, Supernova, any else]
  • Republikgame Crew [Om Irwan, Mbah Budi, any else]
  • Ragnarok 2 : The Gate of The World Player [Kyon-san, and some player still at My Yahoo! Messenger Contacts like Sierra (alpha_leonheart), romyrammunanda, and others]
  • Pangya! [Xavemon, Kodoq, Mbee, Poon, Lichan, Kuren, Akari, Jessica, botsky, aip, mochi, 7-11, purplelove, augy, and many else]
  • And Anyone that support Me (Direct and In-Direct)


Ragnarok 2 : The Gate of The World [2009 ~ 2010]

Ragnarok II : The Gate of The World

Ragnarok II : Gate of The World


Pangya! [2011 ~ 2012]






Alcatrazz [2008] ~ Kurisutaru [2012]

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