Fate/Stay Night


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Really i enjoyed this Anime so much especially when they fight each other then team up to break the Holy Grail buuuut *spoiler* i expected the ending that Saber still at this world but i got miss guess :laugh: . Their art drawn really *nosebleed* Rin, Saber, Ilya (Hey I’m not lolicon you know :shifty: ), Sakura . Song just sometime match with the situation but kinda i didn’t like the First OP/ED though (except Second OP and ED Eps 14).


Fate/Stay Night - Rin-san


Fate/Stay Night *shrugs head* some of you (especially World of Warcraft holic, as i read all of World of Warcraft Lore Uther > Arthur > Arthas :woot: ) will ask why King Arthur were female for the first time *shrugs head again* yah what ever the plot, just commentary side thingy :laugh:


Fate/Stay Night - Sasaki Kojirou, then where is Miyamoto Musashi ?

Fate/Stay Night – Sasaki Kojirou, then where is Miyamoto Musashi ?


Still downloading Fate/Stay Night – Unlimited Blade Works – [Coalgirls Release HD720p, sasuga Coalgirls your encode quality make me more nosebleed when see Saber and Rin :laugh: ]
Here some mini gallery from the Anime (Not much, if you want more just watch the anime though) http://kurisutaru.minus.com/mKQc5CshuZj9D



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