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Yeah due some reason, I decided to Retire from Elsword IDN. Reason already posted at My Facebook, but I will rewrite it again here
Reason ?
1. They added double check for Pika Billing, So no more Unlimited stam unless you got real Warnet aka Game Center [I do one, Brother of My Dad, but see reason No. 2]
2. 1~3 FPS at Field, just . . .
Nice View and ‘Nice’ FPS
Most retarded Update for Game ever.

Actually I just finished My Kanade ‘Tenshi’ Tachibana Theme
BeforeElsword IDN - Default UI
AfterElsword IDN - Kanade 'Tenshi' Tachibana Theme on New UI
This Some of ‘High’ FPS ever == [Top Right]Elsword IDN - 1 FPS
Elsword IDN - 2 FPS
Elsword IDN - 1 FPS
From Playable to Unplayable, so much joke

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