[Me] Official Statement regarding My Illness


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Almost 3 Week down to bedrest since first strike of Asthma.
Checkup, taking medicine, resting. Since that I take low profile for Online Society (Turning off messenger and turn on some script for keeping me Invisible)
But tomorrow I will try to do routine activity. But please dont give me stress out since I still feeling unhealthy.
Things changed
+ Kurisutaru’s Pangya! Webshop will be Continue tomorrow [Just a little add item and it’s done, since I already done with Anime x Pangya! Japan]
– I will not play Pangya! for a while (since managing and play it giving Me over stress)
– KitaGamers Pangya! Group will be handled by Other Admin in group
– KitaGamers Pangya! Ingame Event will be handled by Other Admin in group
– I WILL IGNORE all pm about Pangya! thingy except donation (prefer use YM than FB), all Pangya! thingy just ask Group Admin.

Lastly, I’m out from KitaGamers Pangya! Group. Reason ? Too much complain like a child that no one know what I’m facing in-real-life. Complain, Complain, aaaaand repeatable Complain that I already know => Stress Out => My Health drop => Then expect Me to die ?

Note : This is official statement from Me anyway

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