[KitaGamers Pangya!] Kurisutaru Back on Duty !


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Has been a while since I missing from My duty, from now I’m back for KitaGamers Pangya!


Things that you should know when I’m Missing
  • I’m preparing for My Graduation [Done at 23 July 2013]
  • Preparing for Kurisutaru’s Pangya! Shop Patch [Approx 40MB+ and maybe at 2 Aug 2013]
  • Kurisutaru’s Pangya! Shop fully functional [Waiting for Negotiation with KitaGamers]
  • All equipment at Kurisutaru’s Pangya! Shop already checked and tested by My-Self. So no more complain about crashing etc etc


Ah one else, Now I’m recruiting any KitaGamers Pangya! Player as Volunteer for Improving KitaGamers Pangya!
Of-course I very selective to choose any Volunteer. Volunteer got special access and some ‘Nice Stuff’ from Me :happy:
Interested ? Send Me why I must choose you as KitaGamers Pangya! Volunteer and What can you do to Improving KitaGamers Pangya! to become best Pangya! Private Server !

Send to My E-Mail : [email protected]
Subject : KitaGamers Pangya! Volunteer

User ID :
Nickname :
Why Kurisutaru must choose Me :
What can I do for KitaGamers Pangya! :



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