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From Pangya! With Love – Kurisutaru.net x KitaGamers Pangya!

Happy 68th Independence Day for Indonesia people ! This time I brought you many update that will improve your interest for Playing Pangya! @ KitaGamers Pangya! Vanilla Server !


~ Indonesian Independence Day Patch Precede ~
CLICK HERE ! – Hosted on Kurisutaru.net [Indonesia Data Center, Indonesia]
CLICK HERE ! – Hosted on KitaGamers Pangya! Server [Frankfurt, Germany]


~ Server Query ~
– Fixed Daily Login Reward Script, but reduce to 25 Cookie / Day
– Added 90 Hole Streak [No DC] and 360 Hole Streak [Cummulative] for 1x Gacha Coin
– Added 50 Gacha Streak for 1x Kurisutaru’s Ticket
~ Kurisutaru’s Pangya! CP ~
– Opening Kurisutaru’s Pangya! Shop [Read at Official Page section Donation and Kurisutaru’s Pangya! Shop using DIFFERENT CURRENCY]
– Adding Ingame Corner Streak at Member Home Page, You can track your Streak record there
~ Client ~
– NEW Indonesia Independence Day Theme. Designed by Kurisutaru – Kurisutaru.net. Background by Kuroha Ai from REDSHiFT.
– Changed Lobby OST : Merah Putih Vocaloid – REDSHiFT – Tanah Airku
– Changed Game Loading Screen
~ Ingame Shop ~
– Added Elven Ears
– Added Indonesia Face Paint
– Added Celestial Silver Blade and Heavenly Golden Blade for Limited Time
– Added Mingti and Winkle Pipin for Limited Time !
– Removed Nymph Wing
– Normalizing some item price
~ Papel Shop ~
– Optical Visor changed to Gold Wind-up Key
~ Gacha ~
– Kurisutaru’s Ticket*, Got this Ticket ? Trade it at Cadie Cauldron
~ Caddie Cauldron ~
– 1 x Rainbow Feather + 2 x Kurisutaru’s Ticket = 1 x Elf Ear
– 1 x Elf Ear + 2x Kurisutaru’s Ticket = 1 x Dryad Elf Ear
– 3 x Kurisutaru’s Ticket = 1 x Executioner Clubset
~ Event ~
– Later to be posted


~ KitaGamers Pangya! Team Recruitment ~
Game Guardian
❅ Willing to Online at Server [Ingame] at least 6~10 Hours / Day
❅ Willing to play with anyone and Helping New Player [Especially for Play Partner]
❅ Have observation skill for detecting Cheater
❅ I prefer that You are not related from anyone [Solo Player]
❅ Fair Player ~
Event team
❅ 1 Event / Week [Minimum, No limit for Maximum Event as long Your Event idea were clear and Interested]
❅ Can make good and creative Event and give event proposal to Me [For Checking]
❅ I prefer that You are not related from anyone [Solo Player]
❅ Fair Player ~
Interest to Join KitaGamers Pangya! Team ? Send Me a Mail @ Hk_Heaven_Kingdom with Subject KitaGamers Pangya! Team Recruitment – [Position that You choose] and answer a simple question.
“Why you interest to join and why I must choose you among the others” [PLEASE NO GENERAL ANSWER, Like “To make KitaGamers Pangya! full of player blah blah blah”. Give Me Specific Answer with your Vision and Mission !]


Our Current Team
❅ Kurisutaru [Me] as Kitagamers Pangya! Developer, Administrator, Game master, Programmer, Graphic Designer, Community Manager, etc etc etc
❅ CuriosLife as Official Kitagamers Pangya! Community Manager and [Spontaneous] Event Team
❅ MugiCha as Official Kitagamers Pangya! Fanpage Manager
Join us and get Prestigious Reward !
Q : WTH that Kurisutaru’s Ticket ?
A : That Ticket use for trading rares on Cadie Cauldron, Same system with official Gacha, but since Private Server Tools only add 1 Gacha Item at the moment, I expand the limitation with this System. Please be aware that Ticket WILL BE WIPED aka DELETED every Monthly Patch. So use it before it expired.


Special Thanks to REDSHiFT for your song and image, sorry if I dont ask your permission for using your work :/. Visit their official facebook page @ REDSHiFT Vocaloid Project

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