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Just a rumor around KitaGamers Pangya!

  • After Lebaran, KitaGamers Pangya! Server moved to Indonesian Data Center [IDC] for better Latency aka Ping for Indonesian Player [I DONT KNOW about the new host support for International User, I will update ASAP as I got clearer Information]
  • Webshop Opening ? Depend on My Proposal for Webshop Ratio. Just hope they approve what I want.
  • Patch will be executed after Server Move to IDC
  • Current Patch approximate 90MB+ ~ Pre-Patch or Manual Patch will be included later
  • KitaGamers Pangya! Vanilla Server v2 ? Maybe, you can say that
  • I’m Opening for all volunteer that want participate as KitaGamers Pangya! Team. Detail will be given later.
  • Improvement Ingame rare distribution mechanism *hopefully*
  • Will holding an Event for Raising fund for Kurisutaru.net [Approximate 625k until October 2013]



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