[Special Event] Fund Raising for Kurisutaru.net


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Since My Host [ye for host installer and patch at IDC] nearby expired at 8 October 2013, I’m only opening 4 Fund Raising Package. Usually this thingy Occured every year, near host payment ~

Each Package cost at IDR 150.000 that contain
1.500 K’ash
1 x Kurisutaru’s Ticket [Yep Ticket, Only Special occasion that you will get Ticket like this]

Just Note : If the fund raising dont get until expected [IDR 600.000] It’s Ok, but dont blame me that I will remove all files from Kurisutaru.net, since I must downgrade My Host Package from 2GB Space to 275MB. So All files will be hosted only at KitaGamers Pangya! EU Server / Copy.com / Dropbox [That why I give an offer for do those task]. I got My Life-plan that I CANT waste too much Money until Winter 2014. So I Depend on you guys.

If you tell that I’m lying, Ask Ex-RPG Pangya Player. I NEVER USE any cent from their donation for Myself beside bought New hardware [2TB HDD WDC Caviar Black + USB3 Docking Sharkoon] and Paid My Hosting [Upgrade from 275MB to 2GB at MasterWeb]. Ask them if you dont trust what I said.

This Last year payment that ‘You’ still get benefit from Ex-RPG Pangya! User, be thankful from them
Host : http://i1.minus.com/ibdq7rYP69otib.png
Domain [New Invoice, Haven’t pay] : http://i4.minus.com/ibmKYUwCQxodow.png

Wanna take Fund Raising Package ? YM Me


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