September Update ~


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Been while from last update right ? Here small summarizing about this [Mid] Month thingy
  • Doing Great on Elsword Japan [A lot, lot lot of Event, though My team lacking of People to join the Event. Still fun anyways !]
  • KitaGamers Pangya! changed operation to Community Server [See Explanation below]
  • Been healthy for past these month :laugh:
  • I’m looking for office job as PHP Developer or IS major task [System Analyst or Business Analyst]. Interest to take Me ? Just leave message :happy:
Explanation for Community Server. Because I have run out of Idea to make this server more player to join. It’s now your turn to give Your idea for KitaGamers Pangya! You can request everything like increase exp rate, pang rate, or what item in shop that you want to put. Simply just contact Me what you want and I will try to make patch according what you want. Note : All thingy will be reviewed [less strict, dont worry]. You can give your idea at any level.

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