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As like the title, today from morning i got my time to design this things, looks like Magic Card right ? Dunno why i so interest with this design but i like Magic card (that one like in Card Captor Sakura <3) Heres the detail of my work : Creator : Kurisutaru. Tools : Pangya! + Photoshop Time : 6 Hours+ Card Model : Inspired from ティンクル☆くるせいだーす -Passion Star Stream Now the Screeny =3

Maap telat post (dari siang uda dapet idenya padahal (:[)) I’m Giving away 10KPoint for REAL Female Player and 3 KPoint for Male Player Requirement for Female Player just Comment Here [UserID, Ingame Nickname, and Forum ID] and Message Me [UserID and Nickname] @ Facebook and at least you have more than 100+ Friends [No Need to add me, just sent a message and done =3] For Male just Comment [UserID, Ingame Nickname, and Forum ID] here  

Please update your Kurisutaru’s Game Patcher, because i got changed some modules for easier patching Download @[Release]Kurisutaru’s Game Updater.exe Requirement : .Net 4 Framework [] Sankyuu Kurisutaru.

Bagi yang sudah tau silahkan E-Mail jawaban nya di [email protected] dengan subject Easter Egg Answer jalan lupa sertakan UserID, Nickname, dan Jawaban pada body Email Plus silahkan Comment diblog ini untuk validasi email tersebut Note : Comment bukan tempat taro jawaban loh ya =3 Sankyuu, Kurisutaru.

Congatulation for the Winner ! We hope to see you again @ RPG-Pangya League Season 2 Kurisutaru.

Pada bingung yaa cari Easter Egg untuk Event Paskah ? (:>) Ni tak kasi hint nya Location Hint nya ada di post [Forum / Blog] yang ada kata ‘Easter Egg’ Kalimat yang harus di post ada di kalimat kalimat terakhir Bila sudah tau simpan jawaban kalian, dan kalian bisa memposting pada hari Minggu 15 April 2012 di Postingan blog yang akan saya posting =) Good Luck and Have Fun Note : Yang udah tau lebih baik jaga jawaban nya, lebih enak kalau cari pake usaha sendiri =3 Kurisutaru.

RPG-Pangya! – April Patch Theme ‘We eliminate the competitor™’ with ‘Easter Egg’ Bigger than Christmas Major Patch and the Biggest Patch ever made. Implementation Card Pack : Fully Functional with rarity modifier [Including Gold,Silver,Bronze Cardpack] Images Card Pack New .exe : No Multi Client, Patched for Latest compatibility for upcoming Power Gloves ! Better Structured for folder thingy [Those Emblem at old client not get into one folder emblem yet] Images Main Menu Images Emblem Folder *Sorry for the mess =P Implementation Cut-In V2 : Pangya JP use multiple cut-in for different method of powershot like single powershot, double powershot,

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Another C# Project created and maintain by me, reason behind this application exist because   I Cant Coding with PHP ! [Still doesn’t understand much about PHP for sure]   Because of that reason, I’m trying to creating desktop apps that mimic with Galaxy Tab, that why the Name Kurisutaru’s Tab Current Version with Release Stage 3 Application Loader Module Application Splash Screen Module Replacing Full Image Background from PNG to JPG [HQ] Fixing Threading and Localization Pangya! Sound FX Pang 2 Cookie Converter [P2CC] Frame Application Info Frame Application Code Stage Login Frame Info Frame Screeny Area Loader

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Another video from Pangya! Crazyness (:p). Enjoy HD version !




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