[20180117] Closers Japan – Prepatch


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  1. 1. Third Class promotion of “Misteltein ” will be added.
  2. 2. Part of the Wolf Dog team Quest Voices will be added.
  3. 3. A partial NPC voice of the WildHüta  team will be added.
  4. 4. New L. gear will be added.
  5. 5. New pet will be added.
  6. 6. At the Union Store, new items will be added.
  7. 7. The following items will be sold at the Union Store.
        – Wolf Gang Limited Premium Starter Pack [Details]
        – Wolfgang Royal Rose 1 ★ Package [A] [Details]
        – NEW Misteltein Starter Pack [Detail]
  8. 8. A new event will be added.
  9. 9. The school attendance book event will be updated.
    * The attendance record is initialized after maintenance is completed.
  10. 10. “Winter Strategy!” Event Dungeon will be closed.
  11. 11. The following Liberty Conversion will be terminated.
        – “Cheer Girl”
        – “Wolfgang Royal Rose”
  12. 12. Some defects are fixed.
        – Wolf gang production item “formal agent / marine package [3 days]” can’t be used
        – Wolf gang item “Omega One L. Gear BOX” can not be opened
        – When wearing Yuri’s “Cybernetic” package, when you activate “May Rain Knight!”
           Sounds that are not Japanese specifications are reproduced with probability

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