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Update contents

1. Character relation 

    ▶ Added “Tina” Special Crew [Detail]

– Third order promotion quest has been added. 
– 3rd Promotion Quest Voice has been added. 
– Third order promotion action voice has been added. 
– Member ‘s skill has been added. 
– Members’ contribution credit has been added. 
– EX skill tuning option has been added. 
  * When you tune the core and module items of 71 level or higher, you can acquire “EX Skill Lv.1” option. 
– Four types of Tina EX skill options have been added to the four sets of “ruthless beasts” effect. 
– Tina Battalion Illustration has been added.  

    ▶ Character Skill Modification [Detail]

– The skills of all characters have been altered.


2. Game system related 

    ▶  Improvement in level up speed

– Experience value compensation for some main quests and operational areas has increased, clearing conditions have been relaxed. 
– Adjusted the block for the operational area of ​​the international airport. 
– Clear conditions for military area related credit have been relaxed.

    ▶  Plain Gate / Adjustment of Nightmare World Related Quests

– Plain Gate: Lowering of Quest Clear Conditions, Increase of Number of Admission to Operation Region. Increase of PNA Experience Value Compensation, Increase Adjustment of Basic Compensation Decrease of Production Item Materials, Increase Adjustment of Achievement Compensation & Lowering of achievement conditions 
– Nightmare world: Lowering of quest clearing conditions, Increase of number of entrance to strategy area. Increase adjustment of basic compensation, Reduction of material for production item. Increase adjustment of compensation fee and Lowering of achievement conditions

    ▶  Increase adjustment of some strategy area drop fee

– Plain gate five-dimensional pressure 
– Plane gate subjugation fight 
– Subjugation: program

    ▶  Recovery / Integration of Buff Potion

– Recovery Ampule

Capability awareness drink

 – The elite ‘s secret medicine

    ▶  L. Gear closet modification

– L. Gear closet slot is expanded to 20 pieces. 
– The function “move L. gear during wearing” that moves L gear currently worn to L. gear closet has been added. 
– L. Gear closet inventory has been modified.  

    ▶ Modification of Materials / Consumption Items 

– Drop information on some materials / consumable items will be changed.


3. Quest related

    ▶ Change of quest task 

– Part of the Black Lamb Steam, Wolf Dog Team, Wildfoot team’s quest task has been changed.

    ▶ Changing the quest rewards 

– Part of the Quest experience value of Black Lamb Steam, Wolf Dog Team, Wildfoot Teamhas been adjusted Increases. 
– A partial quest reward item of “Dungeon Program: Irina” “Dungeon Program: David” has been changed. 
– Part of Quest reward item of Tiamat Countermeasure Room has been changed. 
– Quest rewards that HP and MP potions can earn have been changed. 
– The quest rewards that you can earn buff potion have changed.

    ▶ Deleting some quests 

– Part of the Black Lamb Steam, Wolf Dog team repeatedly deleted quests.

     ▶ Other 

– The task of the promotion quest has been changed. 
– Plain gate dimension pressure quest has been added one type.


4. Union camp related

    ▶  Other Player can enter

– Other Player can now enter the union camp. 
      * You can enter from direct selection, friend, circle list. 
– A total of 4 people including the owner can enter and the owner can expel visitors. 
   You can also only enter the invitation closer. 
– Visitors who entered can interact with each other such as chatting with each other. 
– Other closers can place their character on the mascot placed in the union camp .


    ▶ Others 

– Maid Konomi = Hoshina / Forest Fairies The functions of Araune have been adjusted Increases.
 – Union camp exploration / cultivation fee Increases adjusted. 
– Aura has been added to Union camp making machine. 
– The ability value of union camp related title has been adjusted Increases. 
– Union camp movement method changed.


5. Item related

    ▶ Improved 

– Item Countdown Timer
– The green frame is displayed on the icon for the duration item. 
– When you mouse over over the period item, the frame of the tooltip turns green. 
– Text (period) text is added to the item name

    ▶ Addition of Guremori Dimension Box (General) 

– A “Gremory Dimension Box (General)” item has been added that allows items that can not be moved to the account warehouse to be sealed and moved .

    ▶ Delete 

“Lucky Seven” item – “Lucky Seven” item has been deleted. 
– We have provided the same number of “Phase Booster + 10” as the number of “Lucky Seven” that we held with e-mail. 
       · When existing in inventory or mail, items will arrive in mail. 
       · If it exists in the account warehouse, 
          items will be delivered to the mail of the character you first created among the highest level characters . 
       · In the black market, if you purchased but did not receive the 
          item will arrive in the mail. 
       · The sales credit of the black market seller can be received normally.


6. Operational area related

    ▶ Modification of imitator killing strategy operation [Detail]

– Drop compensation, clear compensation, UI, etc. of the Imitator-driven Operation have been modified. 
– Imitator-driven action related production has been altered. 
– Partial token acquisition method for special operations area tokens has been changed.

     ▶ Substitution Program Operational Area Modification 

– The status of the boss monster of the subjugation program will be changed according to the number of entrants. 
– Additional compensation can be earned for 4 people party play. 
– When two or more people play a party, you can earn “additional item discovery” buffs additionally. 
– The status of “Irina” and “David” of the subjugation program has been corrected.


7. PNA related

    ▶ PNA Special Type 

– Upgrade cost for PNA Special Type has decreased.

    ▶ PNA Experience Value Increased by 1.5x

– Compensation for all operational areas where PNA experience values ​​can be earned increased by 1.5 times.


8. Production machine related

    ▶ Modification of production machine 

– Plain gate production machine has been modified. 
– The production price of plain gate “the soul” has been greatly reduced. 
– Production price of plain gate “pole: equipment” has been greatly reduced. 
– The production machine of the Tiamato countermeasure room has been modified. 
– “Modification transformation” related production has been added. 
– “Phase booster +10” item has been added to the production machine.


9. Achievement related

    ▶ Modification of  partial credit

– Partial achievement task has been changed. 
– The remuneration for partial credit has been changed. 

10. Union Store related

– “Made & Butler 1 ★ Package” has been on sale . [Details]
– “Sexy & Wild Police 1 ★ Package” began selling . [Detail]
– “Tina Special NEW Starter Pack” has been on sale . [Details]
– “Tina sales team member upgrade package” has been on sale . [Details]
– “Chibi Tiny Simple / Complete Package” has been on sale . [Details]
– “L. Gear closet slot expansion ticket × 3” always on sale began . 
– Resale of “Chibi Misty Lutein Complete Package” began. 
– Resale of “Chibi Misty Lutein’s simple package” began.
– “Mistille special agent upgrade package” has been discontinued. 
– “Mistille Special NEW Starter Pack” has been discontinued. 
– “NEW Tina Starter Pack” sale ended. 
– “Trench coat · 1 ★ package [A]” sale ended. 

11. Event related

    ▶ “Tina Bureau Member” implementation event held [Details]

    ▶ “2018 Happy Valentine’s Day!” Event held [Details]

    ▶ “2018 Winter Spring Welcome / Comeback” campaign held [Details]

    ▶ School attendance event alteration 

– UI has been altered. 
-It will be initialized at 0:00 on the 1st of every month.
-Once “Gakuen attendance register” is initialized, you will not receive the pre-initialization fee. 

    ▶ End of part of the event 

– “Misteltein” Special agent agent implementation memorial event has ended.


12. Pet related

    ▶ Add new pet [Detail]

– “Chibi Tina” has been added.      

    ▶ Changing Pet skill usage conditions 

– When using pet skills, they no longer consume cat tail.  


13. Liberty conversion related

    ▶ “Sexy & Wild Police” addition [Details]
    ▶ End of “trench coat”

14. Other

    ▶ Core reinforcement balance has been altered.
    ▶ The function to inform the seller at the time of item sale completion at the black market was added.
    ▶ Team work buffs of all teams have been integrated into one.
    ▶  Amulet Buff has been integrated into one.
    ▶ “Conditional additional damage” by “Receiver” item in all PVP modes. It has been changed to not apply. (2/21 18: 40 postscript)


15. Partial bug fixes

    ▶ Bug fixes 

– Different voices are played when skill “EX firing” is invoked when Haruto “cybernetics” package is worn 
– When some game pads play game, There are times when it may not operate properly.  
– If you formed a party with Black Lamb Members and Wolf Gang, after war shopping area clear, warehouse can not be used at NPC “Mahiro = Uzuki”


Skill Rebalance

Note : Mostly rebalance aka Damage Reduction for Arena. Link : https://cls.happytuk.co.jp/game/cls/news/detail?contentNo=9419  

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