[20180110] Elsword Japan Updates


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Ingame Event

うきうきログインイベント – Uki Uki Login Event

Event Time : Wednesday, January 10, 2018 – Tuesday, January 30 (Tue) until 23: 59

Login for 20 min to get various item

Notable item = Inventory Expansion and per week got special item (1st week 200% medal, 2nd week Stamp, 3rd week 30 Sage Stone)

List Item 


Balance adjustment

Rashe – Tactical Trooper
Before After




When attacking an enemy that is marked as a target,
MP collection amount increases.
The number of mortars that can be installed is increased,
When the mortar is installed the amount of MP consumed for additional mortar installation decreases.

The maximum number of installed mortar number increase function and consumed for additional mortar installations
MP reduction function will be removed.

When attacking an enemy that is marked as a target,
MP collection amount and awake charge amount increase.
Canon strike gun barrel attack range to swing is increased,
To the enemy who was attacked by Cannon Strike get Engrave target brand.

Engrave Target
MP recovery increase: 60%
Increase in Awakening Charge amount: 250%


Item Mall Update

Elrios Medical Team

Sample Avatar Image


Other Adjustment

+ Other Adjustment

Changing remuneration for some epic quests

EP.1 ‘Challenging Ell Venders’ ‘Vendors who aim for El’ We have changed the rewards that you can earn when completing a “dubious movement” quest at “Elementary Potion 5 pieces” to the following.

  • [Cobo] Quick slot expansion (15 days) 1 piece
  • [Cobo] Cereal bread 20 pieces
  • [Cobo] Refreshing tea 20 pieces

After acquiring compensation, “[Cobo] cereal bread” and 
“[Cobo] refreshing tea” are automatically registered in Quick Slot.

Addition of item skill information skill information check function

Added a function to quickly check skill damage increase option from item tooltips of “Hero Equipment” and “Area Nod Erianode equipped Equipment” . You can check the basic skill information by pressing “Tab key” while checking item with skill option.

※ Information that can be confirmed is pure basic skill information that does not reflect the characteristics and [true] skill effect.

Magical ice powder sales ended

“Magical ice powder” removed from Alchemist NPC.

Difficulty adjustment

“Debrian’s research laboratory” (11-4) + “El Tower Defense” (11-5) difficulty reduce on Story Mode.

Change camera zoom

Camera zoom in the village from 3 levels to 4 levels.


Content Ended

+ Content Ended
  • Sales end item
    – Free sale of “secondary job turnover ticket” and “tertiary job change ticket” 
    – free animation weapon (1P) 
    – animation hair (1P) 
    – animation upper clothes (1P) 
    – animation underwear (1P) 
    – animated gloves (1P) 
    – Animated Shoes (1P) 
    – Animated Avatar (1P) Package 
    – Lovely Winter Weapon (1P / 2P) 
    – Lovely Winter Hair (1P / 2P) 
    – Lovely Winter Coat (1P / 2P) 
    – Lovely Winter Coat (1P) / 2P) 
    – Lovely winter gloves (1P / 2P) 
    – Lovely winter shoes (1P / 2P) 
    – Lovely winter premium package (1P / 2P)
  • Exit Event
    – Fourth Next 1st Line Update Event 
    – New Return Event 
    – Winter Break Enhancement Event 
    – GOGO! Eripori! Event
  • Deleted Items 
    – [Cobo] Pet Automatic Consumption Quick Slot Expansion (15th) 
    – [Cobo] El Tree Seed – [Cobo] Epic NPC Card “Edan”
    – Adult Day Memorial Present Cube 
    – [Cobo] Secret Dungeon entry permit 
    – [Cobo] Hero’s invitation cards 
    – [Kobo] Entrance Guardian Guardianship invitation letter 
    – [Cobo] concentrated El Shimizu 
    – [Kobo] fatigue recovery Potion 
    – Ariel’s Enhanced Amulet Random Cube (Lv.8 – Lv.10) 
    – 10 Wisp Spells Cube 
    – Celestial Spellbook 
    – [Cobo] Training Cube 
    – [Cobo] Secondary Care Complete Cube 
    – [Cobo] Third Order Complete Cube 
    – [Cobo] Senior Secret Skill Training Cube 
    – [Cobo] Luxury Secret Skill Training Cube 
    – [Cobo] Transcendental Complete Cube 
    – [Cobo] Lady Four Fourth Cube 
    – [Cobo] Training Start Commemorative Accessory (15th) Cube 
    – [Cobo] Senior Secret Skill Training Commemoration Accessory (15th) Cube 
    – [Cobo] Luxury Secret Skill Training Commemoration Accessory (15th) Cube 
    – [Cobo] Transcendent Complete Commemoration Accessory (1 5th) Cube 
    – [Cobo] Summoner Stone: Perxus – Actual (15th) Cube (Lv.35) 
    – [Cobo] Experience Value of Light Growth 100% Medal 
    – [Cobo] Sage’s Spellbook (15 – 34) 
    – [Cobo] Sage’s spellbook (45 – 70)
    – [Cobo] Philosopher’s spellbook (80-98) – [Cobo] +7 senior Bandit equipment set (15 days) Cube (Lv.14)
    – [Cobo] Epic NPC card “barracks” 
    – [Cobo] flame crystal Balls 
    – [Cobo] Natural crystal ball 
    – [Cobo] Light crystal ball 
    – [Cobo] Dark crystal ball 
    – [Cobo] Water crystal ball 
    – [Cobo] Wind Crystal ball 
    – [Cobo] Andromeda apple 
    – [Cobo] Appetizer apple 
    – [Kobo] superman’s apple 
    – [kobo] stone apple 
    – [kobo] giant’s apple 
    – [kobo] complete recovery potion 
    – [kobo] mana elixir 
    – [cobo] welcome cube! 
    – [Cobo] Special Adventurer Cube 
    – [Cobo] Veteran Adventurer Cube 
    – [Cobo] Peroxis Rare Avatar (15th) Full Set Cube 
    – [Cobo] Summoned Stone: Perxus – Real (15th) Cube 
    – [Cobo] Cubes 
    – [Cobo] Veteran Equipment (15th) Cube
    – [Cobo] + 7 Advanced Red Rock Chief Equipment Set (15th) Cube (Lv.26) 
    – [Cobo] + 7 Advanced Black Crow Equipment Set (15th) Cube (Lv.34) 
    – [Cobo] +7 Advanced Pater Konoe Knight Equipment Set (15th) Cube (Lv.42) 
    – [Cobo] + 7 Senior Glitter Hunter Equipment Set (15th) Cube (Lv.50) 
    – [Cobo] +7 Equipped with an advanced twisted wind equipment set 15th) Cube (Lv.60) 
    – [Cobo] +7 Senior Majikistan Equipment Armor Equipment Set (15th) Cube (Lv.68) 
    – [Cobo] +7 Senior Potential Flame Equipment Set (15th) Cube (Lv.72) 
    – [Cobo] +7 Secret Dungeon Elite Equipment Set (15th) Cube (Lv.78) 
    – [Cobo] +7 Secret Dungeon Maximized Equipment Set (15th) Cube (Lv.85) 
    – [Kobo] Sorcerer’s spell book (1 – 69) 
    – [Kobo] Sage’s spellbook (70 – 98) 
    – [Kobo] Silver Fox White Day (15th) 
    – Cobo Item Collection (15th) 
    – [ Cobo] weapon (1 to 69) only strengthen amulet Lv.8 
    – [Cobo] armor (1 to 69) only strengthen amulet Lv.8 
    – [Cobo] Dense dungeon weapon only strengthen amulet Lv.8 
    – [Cobo] secret dungeon armor only strengthen amulet Lv.8 
    – [Cobo] blessed elixir random cube 
    – [Cobo] blessed benthos of the wings (elixir)
    – [Cobo] blessed Denif’s ice ball (spirit) 
    – [Cobo] blessed Rosso’s flame ring (spirit) 
    – [Cobo] blessed melamera potion (spirit) 
    – [Cobo] blessed giant potion ( Spirit ) 
    – [Cobo] Blessed big hand potion (spirit) – [Cobo] blessed follower’s soul (spirit) 
    – [Cobo] blessed Civiere ‘s cradle (spirit) 
    – [Cobo] blessed Blue Allstone 
    – [Cobo] Blessed Restoration Spellbook 
    – Lucky Enhancement Equipment Cube 
    – Lucky Enhancement Equipment 
    – Fortune El Hammer 
    – Hedgehog Dice 
    – Eli Poly Random Cube

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