[20180124] Elsword Japan Updates


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Ingame Event

四次職2ndライン前夜育成イベント – Second Line of 4th Class Eve Night Training

Event Time : Wednesday, January 24, 2018 – Tuesday, February 7 (Tue) 

  1. 0. Sharpen Yourself
    You only can choose character below 15 or character on second line class

    Available Character will show on the event page on login screen
    ※ Level 99 and transcending characters can’t participate. 
    * Once you select a character, even if you delete the selected character, you can not select the event participating character again. 
    ※ The progress of the event is done per character.

  2. 1. I thought tomorrow . . .

    Additional 50% exp every level up

  3. 2. Aiming more than Transcendence

    For level 70 and Higher, you get Transcendence Skill slot (15 Day) and Secret Dungeon Entry 100x

  4. 3.Just add a weapon

    The item will have enhancement Level +3, but if Enhancement on +9 it will get the enhancement of +10 and nothing can more / exceed than +10 enhancement

  5. 4. Support for you

    Finish the quest (on event tab) and get
    – 100x Hero Dungeon Entrance Permit [Hero Dungeon Quest]
    – 100x Erianode Entrance Permit [Erianode Quest]
    – 30x Eve Full Recovery Potion
    – 30x Eve Full Mana Recovery
    – 30x Eve Organic Apple
    – 2x Stamina Potion

  6. 5. Fourth Class Readiness

    Clear all the quest and get 100x Twisted Sage Stone

Winter Holiday 2nd Event

Event Time : Wednesday, January 24, 2018 – Tuesday, February 7 (Tue) 

  • Decrease entry to hero dungeon to one ticket
  • Daily 22: 00 ~ 23: 00 Hero Dungeon Double Drop Rate
  • Every day from 23:00 to 24:00 Ed’s Energy Fusion Theory Dungeon Double Drop Rate
  • Every day 22: 00-24: 00 Unlimited Stamina

Balance adjustment

*Too lazy to translate, sorry

Note : One that I spot that Hyper Active of Grand Archer (Shooter Destiny) buffed to get Power Stun and arrow got stun

Item Mall Update

Hedgehog Avatar and Avatar Link

Sample Avatar Image


Other Adjustment

+ Other Adjustment

Fix change job quest

Fixed a problem in which quests are displayed on NPCs where job change / transcendent quest acceptance is impossible.

Event icon Change content

When mouseover to the event icon, changed to be able to check simple event information

Content Ended

+ Content Ended
  • Sales end item
    – No sales end item
  • Exit Event
    – Fourth Next 1st Line Update Event 
  • Deleted Items 
    – No Item

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