[20180221] Elsword Japan Updates


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Ingame Event

四次職3rdライン前夜育成イベント – Third Line of 4th Class Eve Night Training

Event Time : Wednesday, January 24, 2018 – Tuesday, February 7 (Tue) 
  1. 0. Sharpen Yourself
    You only can choose character below 15 or character on second line class

    Available Character will show on the event page on login screen
    ※ Level 99 and transcending characters can’t participate. 
    * Once you select a character, even if you delete the selected character, you can not select the event participating character again. 
    ※ The progress of the event is done per character.

  2. 1. I thought tomorrow . . .

    Additional 50% exp every level up

  3. 2. Aiming more than Transcendence

    For level 70 and Higher, you get Transcendence Skill slot (15 Day) and Secret Dungeon Entry 100x

  4. 3.Just add a weapon

    The item will have enhancement Level +3, but if Enhancement on +9 it will get the enhancement of +10 and nothing can more / exceed than +10 enhancement

  5. 4. Support for you

    Finish the quest (on event tab) and get
    – 100x Hero Dungeon Entrance Permit [Hero Dungeon Quest]
    – 100x Erianode Entrance Permit [Erianode Quest]
    – 30x Eve Full Recovery Potion
    – 30x Eve Full Mana Recovery
    – 30x Eve Organic Apple
    – 2x Stamina Potion

  6. 5. Fourth Class Readiness

    Clear all the quest and get 100x Twisted Sage Stone


Item Mall Update

Frost Edge Avatar [Package @ 2k Elcoin]

Sample Avatar Image

Ingame Preview

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