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Elsword Japan – 20180322 – ドキドキエイプリルフール

In Game Event

ドキドキエイプリルフール Event

Event period

From Wednesday, April 1, 00:00 to 23:59

Doki Doki Elsword

The UI were change to Girl Game Simulation (Galge)


Screenshot Layout

Loading Screen

Doki Doki Buff

During the event, you receive Doki Doki Buff that contain
– Unlimited Stamina
– 2x EXP
– +10% ATK

Doki Doki Ariel Store

Its a joke, trust me . . . Basically Ariel Sell item that . . .

NPC Item Name Price
Ariel Sweet Roll Cake (HP/MP Recovery : 30%) ED
Ariel Apple Juice (MP Recovery : 100) ED

Ingame Pic, What a Deal !

Items to be deleted after the event ends
Scheduled to be deleted after the event ends
Planned to be removed due on Event End
  • Sweet Role Cake
  • Apple Juice

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