[20180404] Elsword Japan Updates


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Elsword Japan – 20180404


Content Update

✰ New Event Dungeon

New Event Dungeon : Velder School Library

✰ El-Resonance Page

El-Resonance got update with new feature : El Resonance Page, you can add page for El Resonance by using El Resonance Page on Item Mall

✰ Spectactor / Watch Mode on PVP Practice Room

You can check option to allow Spectactor / Watch Mode

In the room that allowed the spectator mode, the spectator tab is displayed in the map selection UI area on the lower left.
By clicking the spectators tab, the characters you are watching are displayed.
In addition, by clicking the watching button, you can move from playing to watching,
By clicking on the join button on the other hand, you can participate in the match from watching.

✰ Improved Free Training Ground

Adding Option function on top left

NPC was added to Monster List Dropdown

Also the Character Combo UI

Plus added Skill Damage Log UI

✰ Improved Gamepad Support

Improved the function of game pad operation setting so that it is easier to understand.
Added a function that the mouse can use with the game pad.

✰ Improved Net Cafe Reward

Modified Net Cafe avatar socket

Classification Socket 1 Socket 2 Socket 3
Weapon Critical 3% Maximization 8%  
Top Damage Reduction 3% Max HP 3% Additional damage 3%
Bottom Damage Reduction 3% Max HP 3% Additional damage 3%
Gloves Attack Speed 1% Attack Speed 3%  
Shoes Movement Speed 7% Jump Speed 7%  

Added New Net Cafe Daily

Condition  Quest name Acceptance unit Compensation
Daily [Internet Cafe] Dimension of Sinister Intent Level 40 or Higher / Character 1 Artifact with Evil Spirits
Daily [Internet Cafe] Ereda Island Level 70 or Higher / Character 10 Medal of warriors
Daily [Internet Cafe] Recovery of Secret Barrier Level 70 or Higher / Character – 1 El Reward
– 1 P
roof of El Reward
Daily [Internet Cafe] Hero’s Challenge Level 85 or Higher / Character – 1 Hero’s Weapon cube
– 20 Hero’s weapon fragments
– 3 Hero’s invitations

Also by playing at net cafe you got this benefit

  • EXP +100%
  • Drop Rate +100%
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Henir Entrance Limit +3
  • Net Cafe Title and Dedicated Custom Sit Motion

✰ Added Standby Command

Use it by using 「/待機1」~「/待機4」

In Game Event

✰ Defend the Velder School Library !

Event period

From Wednesday, April 4, 2018 to Tuesday, April 18

Login Reward

If you log in to the game during the event period, 

Condition / number Login time Requirement Reward
Daily 10 Minute Level 10 or Higher / Account 2x [Cobo] Velder School Library Admission Card

※ Login Reward Reset per 00:00 daily

Scrap Replacement Item for Suspicious Book

You can trade “Suspicious Book” for Item at Ariel

Exchange Material Reward
All 1x Suspicious Book 3x Chocolate Croissant
All 30x Suspicious Book 1x Selfie Pose Motion (30 Day)
Choose 50x Suspicious Book 1x Love Love School Life Frame (1P)
1x Love Love School Life Frame (2P)
All 100x Suspicious Book 1x ときめき Heart Skill Cut-in (2P)

※ After the event, the number of pieces of suspicious books necessary for exchange will be changed.
※ Only Croissant that can be storageable

✰ Items to be deleted after the event ends

Scheduled to be deleted after the event ends

 April 18, 2018 scheduled to be removed due to maintenance

  • [Cobo] Velder School Library Admission Card

Sales Information

✰ Skill Cut-in ときめき Heart

Selling price

Item Name Characters Category Price (El Coin)
ときめき Heart Skill Cut-in All characters Skill Cut-in 1 piece: 500

✰ Custom Motion – Selfie Pose !

Selling price

Item Name Characters Category Price (El Coin)
Selfie Pose ! All characters Motion 1 piece: 250

✰ Velder School Library Entrance Card

Selling price

Item Name Characters Category Price (El Coin)
Velder School Library Entrance Card All characters Premium 1 piece: 50 
5 pieces: 250 
10 pieces: 500 
20 pieces: 1,000 
50 pieces: 2,500

✰ El Resonance Page Extension

Selling price

Item Name Characters Category Price (El Coin)
El Resonance Page Extension All characters Expansion 5.800

Other Adjustment Detail

✰ Fixed Aisha Class Name

Fixed a problem that some Aisa class names were reflected in the game with wrong names.

✰ Character Voice Changed

Some Character get changed for Hyperactive Voice

Finished Content

  • End of sale item
    – No End sales 
  • End Event
    – Fourth Job Finale Event
    – Battle Balance Modification Event
    – Event Dungeon “Private Velder High School”
    – Event Dungeon “Edel Butler’s Experience 24 Hours”
    – Event Dungeon “Treasure Hunter”
    – Event Dungeon “Zoku Zoku Ghost City”
    – Event Dungeon “Zoku Zoku Ghost City Hide and Seek”
  • Deleted Items
    – Limited Sweet Roll
    – Apple Juice
    – [Cobo] Complete Recovery Potion
    – [Cobo] Fatigue Restoration Potion
    – [Cobo] Mana Elixir
    – [Cobo] Mariposa Requiem (1 day) cube
    – [Cobo] Occupation Change Ticket Selection cube
    – [Cobo] dungeon tickets select cube
    – [Cobo] secondary positions change ticket
    – [Cobo] tertiary positions change ticket
    – [Cobo] transcendental tertiary positions change ticket
    – [Cobo] fourth-order positions change ticket
    – [Cobo] Erianodo patron invitation Jo
    – [Cobo] secret dungeon and out permits
    – [Cobo] hero of invitations
    – [Cobo] +10 training for equipment cube
    – [Cobo] +10 training weapons
    – [Cobo] duel essential items cube (15 days)
    – [Cobo] +10 Training garment
    – [Cobo] +10 Training undergarment
    – [Cobo] +10 Training gloves
    – [Cobo] +10 Shoes for training
    – [Cobo] blessed spatio-temporal spellbook
    – Sage Spellbook
    – [Cobo] Guardianship Guardianship invitations
    – [Cobo] 8th Anniversary commemorative skill production (1 day) cube
    – [Cobo] 8th Anniversary experience cube
    – the eighth Anniversary Login stamp
    – 5 Sage Scroll cube
    – 10 Sage Scroll
    – 15 spellbooks of wise men
    – 8th Anniversary 1st Step cube
    – 8th Anniversary 2nd Step cube
    – 8th Anniversary 3rd Step cube
    – 8th Anniversary 4th Step cube
    – 8th Anniversary 5th Step cube
    – 8th Anniversary 6th Step cube
    – 8th Anniversary 7th Step cube
    – 8th Anniversary Final Stage cube
    – 8th Anniversary Skill Cut-In cube
    – [Cobo] + 9 Adventurer equipment support cube
    – [Cobo] Adventurer supportive sword
    – [Cobo] Adventurer support rod
    – [Cobo] Adventurer support bow
    – [Cobo] Adventurer Supporting Blade
    – [Cobo] Adventurer Supporting Gear
    – [Cobo] Adventurer Supporting Canon
    – [Cobo] Adventurer Support Spear
    – [Cobo] Adventurer Assist Claymore
    – [Cobo] Adventurer Support Drive
    – [Cobo] Adventurer Assistance Dual Weapon
    – [Cobo] Weapon Pack for Adventurers
    – [Cobo] Adventurers Support Pendulum
    – [Cobo] Adventurer Supporting Apparel
    – [Cobo] Adventurers Underclothing
    – [Cobo] Adventurer Supporting Gloves
    – [Cobo] Adventurers assistance shoes

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