Princess Connect! Re:Dive Toolkit

Hello again with Me in another u̶s̶e̶l̶e̶s̶s̶ ̶useful program.
This time I’m creating a new tools for assisting Player in Princess Connect! Re:Dive DMM Version.

History of creation of this tools
  • First, only thinking to create some hotkey for easier to Union Burst
  • Second, tried with AutoHotKey with fully functional program [Dev Show Case 1 – Autohotkey]
  • Third, seeing My mate (programmer too) that creating tool in C# with “Auto-Repeat” stuff then I tried it too (Port the logic from AutoHotKey to C#)  [Dev Show Case 2 – Hotkey and Dev Show Case 3 – Repeater]
  • Fourth, Voila with additional stuff that I think good to have come out Princess Connect! Re:Dive Toolkit
Table of Content

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The copyright, trademark right and other intellectual property rights of game images used on this site belong to the provider of the contents.
Except the code of course.

Current Release version 0.1

As usual pre-requisite or info about this project

Coded in C# / .Net Framework 4.6.1 / WinForms
For Princess Connect! Re:Dive DMM Version
Run in Administrator Required !
Git Repository : Private
Library used can be viewed on About tab

Disclaimer : Do It With Your Own Risk

Oh before you guys asking if this program hooking the Priconne.exe, nope all things handled within the program itself (self hook).


☆ Repeater

Will doing your daily farm / grind / whateveryousay with convenience tools.
Currently the usage kinda hard to describe, basically left box on the UI = Timer and the right box = how many you want to repeat.
For the Timer, I suggest you use stopwatch to count from Result Screen (see image below) until you saw those screen again.
You can set the left box like 1000 then start like on the image (see image below) then watch carefully the time left until you saw those screen again.
Remember : Adding buffer time like 4~7 seconds will help extra things in case your network got slowed or something.
Note : You can check on dev log video for sure

Result Screen

Why not using skip ticket ?
First, Skip Ticket didn’t level up your characters and the affinity just replaced by those “Bribe Item”
Second, You can get rich with this things

For me if you really don’t have time, use skip ticket better, but I prefer this way. Your choice.

☆ Hotkey

Integrate Priconne with desired key to click the character frame aka Union Burst.
Work best for manual play without Mouse.

☆ Reset Windows Size

Accidentally resize the Priconne window ? Just single click to resize 1280x720p.

☆ Clear DMM Link Account

Currently DMM didn’t clear account link when you logout the DMM (aka switching DMM Account) just click this button to re-init Princess Connect Account with Logged DMM User.

☆ やばいですね!★

Integrated Pekorinu 「やばいですね!★」 Sound for i-don’t-know-why-i-add-those.

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Dev Showcase

Dev Showcase 1 – Autohotkey

Dev Showcase 2 – Hotkey

Dev Showcase 3 – Repeater

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