Portfolio – Creation

This page contain My work that done for fun or for learning purpose.

This website intended for homework from Web Based Programming @ Bina Nusantara University. Detail of the homework that we must create a simple floor-plan of our house. At that time i got some time to experimenting it for better visual presentation. It using Image Mapping, jQuery Sliding Bar, and Lightbox

There’s a story behind creation of this calculator, the story is in fact i love play Pangya, but the other side I don’t have scientific calculator for calculating, and one day I realize that why I must bought a scientific calculator if I can create it one by My Programming

This website created for RPG-Pangya. It contains all informations, news, and events about RPG-Pangya. Using iFrame, jQuery Sliding Menu, and TipTip. Link : http://pangya.kurisutaru.net/

First website project using PHP, inspired by other website that can create scorecard with simple interface. From there i motivate my self to learn basic PHP and implement it. Then Ta-Da ~ The site done without bug =) Using : PHP + CSS3 Fontface Link : http://pangya.kurisutaru.net/siggy/




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