Kurisutaru’s Game Updater


Another story behind this creation =P. In fact when Admin Quetzl leaving RPG-Pangya server, I was chosen to replace Administrator of RPG-Pangya, but one things that bother me, first i never touch the server files before, second i dont know anything about his patcher (I already look at google for information and he use thor patcher RO, but still i cant understand how to use it), so from here, I’m try to code from scratch My very Own Patcher. And at 31 August 2011, This application goes to public with Beta Status. And now still got fix when needed =)
This Application using C# .Net Language, and I use component from .Net Framework 2.0 and 3.5 to run
Current version of this Patcher was 1.3, with optimizing code, remove unnecessary code, and New Theme. plus using new logic to download file from patchserver ! <3
Link : http://pangya.kurisutaru.net > Utilities > Tools > Kurisutaru’s Pangya Updater
v.1.0 [Looks ugly isnt it ? XD]
Kurisutaru's Game Updater v.1.0
Kurisutaru's Game Updater v.1.1
v.1.2 ~ 1.3
Kurisutaru's Game Updater v.1.2
From v.1.4 the name changed to Kurisutaru’s Game Updater for Pangya!
Angel Beats! Theme
Kurisutaru's Game Updater - v.1.4 - Angel Beats!
Card Captor Sakura Theme
Kurisutaru's Game Updater - v.1.4 - Angel Beats!
Sankarea Theme
Kurisutaru's Game Updater - v.1.4 - Sankarea
Kurisutaru's Game Updater - v.1.4 - Angel Beats! - Extra