Kurisutaru’s Pangya Calculator

There’s a story behind creation of this calculator, the story is in fact i love play Pangya, but the other side I don’t have scientific calculator for calculating, and one day I realize that why I must bought a scientific calculator if I can create it one by My Programming skill, so from that I’m starting the projects =)


This application coded using Java, that require Java Runtime Environment minimum version 1.7 to run.
Current version of this calculator was 1.1, got some fixes on the calculation formula, and remove unused code.

Link : http://pangya.kurisutaru.net > Utilities > Tools > Pangya HWI Calculator

Mail me If you want a Copy of this program

Since I saw many people accessing this page
Here Copy of My HWI Calculator, Its updated with some mod-fix that, and Its Auto-Count instead pressing Enter
Pangya! HWI Calculator v.1.2

v 1.2 Changelogs

– Key Release Instead Key Press with VK_Enter
– Slightly Modify for Power Formula
– Removing RPG-Pangya! Banner. Replace with My Own site Banner
– Added Yard at Power Calculation, since so many player request it
– Clean up Code [Horror to seeing My Coding Structure, Since It’s My First time (Long time ago) and I’m not Study at IT]

Kurisutaru's HWI Calculator - Normal Skin - v.1.0Kurisutaru's HWI Calculator - Nimbus Skin - v.1.0


Kurisutaru's HWI Calculator - Nimbus Skin - v.1.1

Kurisutaru's HWI Calculator v.1.2