Kurisutaru’s Tab for Pangya!

Another C# Project created and maintain by me, reason behind this application exist because
[Still doesn’t understand much about PHP for sure]
Because of that reason, I’m trying to creating desktop apps that mimic with Galaxy Tab, that why the Name Kurisutaru’s Tab
Current Version with Release Stage 10
Release Stage 10 [Latest]
  • Version Checker
Release Stage 9
  • Role Based
Release Stage 8
  • Multi Threaded
Release Stage 7
  • Tab Like
Release Stage 6
  • For The Record ! [Complete Record]
Release Stage 5
  • Personal Course Record
Release Stage 4
  • Whos Online
Release Stage 3
  • Application Loader Module
  • Application Splash Screen Module
  • Replacing Full Image Background from PNG to JPG [HQ]
Release Stage 2
  • Fixing Threading and Localization
  • Pangya! Sound FX
  • Pang 2 Cookie Converter [P2CC] Frame
  • Application Info Frame
Release Stage 1
  • Application Code Stage
  • Login Frame
  • Info Frame
Screeny Area
Loader Screen
Kurisutaru's Tab for Pangya! - Loader
Application Screen
Kurisutaru's Tab for Pangya! - Main Interface
Latest Version Screen [ / v1.0 R10]
Kurisutaru's Tab for Pangya! - R10

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