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クリスタル’sエルソード VC

Tools for Easily changing Elsword Ingame Voice Character ~

クリスタル’sエルソード KOM Utility

Tools for Easily Un/Pack Elsword KOM Files

「エルソード」 Kurisutaru Tools for Eluminos

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Princess Connect! Re:Dive Toolkit

Elsword Corner

Release Kurisutaru’s Elsword Voice Changer – Nyaruko+ for Laby Voice Support And Character Reboot Final Voice Pack

Kurisutaru’s Facebook Live Stream

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プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive - Eluminos Open Recruitment !

We open Two slot if any enthusiast people who want to contribute further pushing the circle rank

Aiming for #1000 less for AA Circle Rank next CB !

Quick Rules
1. Minimum 50m CB Score
2. Active (DAILY LOGIN especially on CB day, found offline one day on CB day = Kick on the spot)

If you interest please comment/pm with attaching your Player Profile Card


Apex Legends - guys ?
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プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive - :<
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