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クリスタル’sエルソード VC

Tools for Easily changing Elsword Ingame Voice Character ~

クリスタル’sエルソード KOM Utility

Tools for Easily Un/Pack Elsword KOM Files

「エルソード」 Kurisutaru Tools for Eluminos

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Princess Connect! Re:Dive Toolkit

Elsword Corner

Pre-Release Kurisutaru’s Elsword Voice Changer for Laby Voice Support

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プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive - Eluminos still open slot for any player to join our s̶h̶i̶t̶t̶y̶ s̶a̶l̶t̶y̶ semi-competitive circle

We're aiming for 2.499-less rank for 8th Clan Battle 2019

If you have any question feel free to comment on this post

For our rules and registration form, please do click link below

3 slot left !
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Princess Connect! Re:Dive | Kurisutaru's Personal Site
Eluminos の プリンセスコネクト!Re:Diveサクル へ ようこそ!Dedicated Page for Eluminos Circle at Princess Connect! Re:Dive
Apex Legends - Season 2 : Battle Charge Level Cap !

Time retire #GreedyEA #FreeLoader #Asshats lmao

*Note : if you curious about the tag, try to visit /r/apexlegends
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