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クリスタル’sエルソード VC

Tools for Easily changing Elsword Ingame Voice Character ~

クリスタル’sエルソード KOM Utility

Tools for Easily Un/Pack Elsword KOM Files

「エルソード」 Kurisutaru Tools for Eluminos

8th Anniversary Elsword Japan

8th Anniversary Elsword Japan

Elsword Japan Quick Update

Elsword Japan - Velder School Library

Update Code :  Academic Event Dungeon Velder School Library

✓ Already Release
✘ Not Release Yet

Maintenance  Date 

Elsword Japan : 2018年4月4日(木)9:00 ~ 13:00 (予定)
Closers Japan : ?

Time in JST / GMT + 9

Elsword Japan Project

Elsword Japan Client :  Version 20180221
Elsword Voice Changer – Application : Code-Name : Nyaruko+² [Up to date]
Elsword Voice Changer – Voice Pack : Code Name : Velder School Library [Up to date]

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Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. - Last time I play Dogfight was Battlefield 2 era, how nostalgic ♪~
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Length: 12:58
Hyperdimension Neptunia : Re;Birth 2 - True End Route
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エルソード - El-Pepsi™

Those guaranteed drop make sense tho (I do complain why KOG didn't use this system), rather than RNG ass.

But yeah, you still spend sometime on this friggin purple pepsi for the shard disc

Note : Oh I forgot to mute PriconneR client on background
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Length: 02:19