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What is Pangya ? PangYa (Korean: 팡야, lit. “Bang!”, Pan-ya), is an online multiplayer casual golf simulation game designed by Korean development company, Ntreev Soft. – Wikipedia. For Short its Multi Player Fantasy Golf Online.

Latest News

What We Offer for You ?

  • Private Server that using Season 4.9 [Include Nell, but Exclude Special Shuffle and Wiz-City. And We got fashion item updated until Ice Inferno]
  • Vanilla Server ! No Modified item or custom item.
  • 2 game type server. First one is Normal Server [Dark Moon] and Natural Server [Star Light]
  • Ghost Mode System that You can try to beat other Player Record
  • Self Design System for any Player wanna express their own design at their character equipment
  • Guild System for compete with other guild and raise your guild fame
  • Many Event in future
  • Friendly Game Environment
  • Fast Support for Helping any problem with client or player
  • Freebies !

Current Ingame Reward

  • 18 Hole Streak for 50 Cookie [No DC]
  • 90 Hole Streak for 1 x Gacha Coin [No DC]
  • 360 Hole Streak for 1 x Gacha Coin [Cumulative]
  • 50 Gacha Streak for 1 x Kurisutaru’s Ticket [Cumulative]

Server Detail [Public Test Server]

1. Card Captor Sakura
Server Type : Normal Server
EXP Rate : 4x
Pang Rate : 4x


Natural Server Video Preview


Cookie Donation

We only accept bank transfer at the moment
Bank Central Asia [BCA]
Bank Account Number : TBA
Bank Account Holder : TBA
Operation Time : 10:00 AM until 8:00 PM Everyday
[Warning !] Kurisutaru Pangya! only have this Bank Account, other else we will not responsibility with your transaction !
Prepaid Game Card Price List [Rate 10 Rp : 1 Cookie]
  • Rp. 100.000 = 10.000 Cookie
  • Rp. 75.000 = 7.500 Cookie
  • Rp. 50.000 = 5.000 Cookie
  • Rp. 25.000 = 2.500 Cookie
  • Rp. 10.000 = 1.000 Cookie
[Note] Donate more than Rp. 100.000 you will get extra Cookies by 10%.


K’ash Donation [Kurisutaru’s Kash for Purchasing Kurisutaru’s Pangya! Shop]

Bank Central Asia [BCA]
Bank Account Number : 5270426770
Bank Account Holder : Michael Hansetyanto Kurniawan [THIS IS MY BANK ACCOUNT!]
Operation Time : 10:00 AM until 8:00 PM Everyday
Kurisutaru’s Cash Price List [Rate 100 Rp : 1 K’ash]
  • Rp. 100.000 = 1.000 K’ash
  • Rp. 75.000 = 750 K’ash
  • Rp. 50.000 = 500 K’ash
  • Rp. 25.000 = 250 K’ash
  • Rp. 10.000 = 100 K’ash
After you transfer funds to those bank account, please confirm to Me @ My Facebook / YM : [email protected] with Date and Time with amount that you transferred and Pre-Paid card you want to buy.
Processing time will be fast as long as I’m at My Workplace, otherwise please be patient till I got back to My Workplace
Note : As far as I know there is Time Limit that transaction will be written to BCA Account, 8:00 PM if I’m not wrong. Over 8:00PM will be written to BCA Account on the next day. So Be Patient if Your transaction haven’t Show up on KitaGamers BCA Account / My BCA Account.


For Verify Transaction

Please Provide me with
  • UserID :
  • Nickname :
  • Pre-Paid Card Amount :
  • Bank Account Holder Name :
  • Time Transfer :


You Can Use This Yahoo! Messenger for verify transaction.