Current Game : Princess Connect Re:Dive ! *Since fk u Elsword*

Elsword Japan Quick Update

Elsword Japan - To Confront a Powerful Enemies

Update Code : To Confront a Powerful Enemies

✓ Already Release
✘ Not Release Yet

Maintenance  Date 

Elsword Japan : ?
Closers Japan : ?

Time in JST / GMT + 9

Elsword Japan Project

Elsword Japan Client :  Version 20180221
Elsword Voice Changer – Application : Code-Name : Nyaruko+² [Up to date]
Elsword Voice Changer – Voice Pack : Code Name : To Confront a Powerful Enemies [Up to date]

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リンセスコネクト!Re:Dive - Friendly Reminder : タマキとミフユの無人島0ルピ生活 Event Ends today (Less than 3 hours)

Make sure you use up all your tickets and trade all medals (not sure if they have Grace Period)
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Eluminos - 3rd Gathering @ Hanamasa Sport Mall Kelapa Gading

Welcome to our newest gathering member Agus

And in the end it very bad idea using Fish Broth at all . . .
Eat end in 1 hours and 20 minutes due various circumstances

As usual, Thank you guys !

Forgotten Notes for yesterday
1. We're planning to Bali for next gathering (One circle member live in here)
2. Discussing about Eluminos Logo and Mascot design
3. . . . poke Me if I forgot something
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Photos from Varenchinusu Michael クリスタル's post
リンセスコネクト!Re:Dive - LF > How to NOT GIVE A [email protected]#$K about PVP (Battle Arena and Princess Arena)

Sometimes itchy . . .

Note : The META were fucked tho, bring Iriya and hope for the best 😑