[RPG-Pangya!] April Patch Theme ‘We eliminate the competitor™’ with ‘Easter Egg’


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RPG-Pangya! – April Patch Theme ‘We eliminate the competitor™’ with ‘Easter Egg’

Bigger than Christmas Major Patch and the Biggest Patch ever made.
Implementation Card Pack : Fully Functional with rarity modifier [Including Gold,Silver,Bronze Cardpack]
Images Card Pack

Card Pack @ Old Client

New .exe : No Multi Client, Patched for Latest compatibility for upcoming Power Gloves ! Better Structured for folder thingy [Those Emblem at old client not get into one folder emblem yet]
Images Main Menu
Main Menu
Images Emblem Folder

Emblem Folder

*Sorry for the mess =P
Implementation Cut-In V2 : Pangya JP use multiple cut-in for different method of powershot like single powershot, double powershot, and failed powershot. This time will be Double Powershot cut-in. and replacing old fashioned cut-in cover to Japan Version. Of course Nell got her/his/shemale/whatever Cut-in.
We got 3 kind of cut-in depend on your resolution for the best experience
1. 640×480 resolution : Resize, sharper, using Genuine Fractals.
2. 800×600 resolution : Rearrange [Moved a side], UnTouched
3. 1024×768 or higher resolution : Original, UnTouched
Cut-in Preview
Arin Cut-in
800×600 [Moved/Rearranged]
Nell Cut-in
1024×768 or Higher

Hanekawa Cut-in

Cover Preview
Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned Cut-in

New Japan Style

New Japan Style

Old one or new one ? you choose =)
So RPG-Pangya Feature up to this patch
1. Guild
2. Self Design
3. Cardpack
4. Cut-in v2
5. Custom Item and Updated Item from Pangya JP
6. Pang to Cookie Converter
7. KPoint Shop
8. 1 on 1 Support Area
Just missing ghost mode, but no worries for that. CHEATER will be die at my hand, try to cheating at RPG-Pangya, and ready for say Sayonara to RPG-Pangya Server. (You have been warning by me ! and i not exposing the cheater, just character ban and ip range ban = problem solved (:>))
Some Information regarding with Custom Item, like equipment that i use that named Private Release, that different with Public Release and limited to Only Me that using that item (Except some exception). But Private Release will be Expired and become Public Release, just be patience (:>).
Ah one else, that said RPG-Pangya soooooooooooooooo low population, that okay it make me more easier to managing the loyal player for got more benefit, dont believe ? Ask many player that play with me and got some niiiiiiiiiiiiiice prize just playing single or double game =3. We keep traditional Pangya! System, with balancing rate and fun ! not like got easy exp or pang or whatsoever that ruin the game experience !
Dont forget i to Update your Kurisutaru’s Game Patcher =)
Info how to Patch this time
This Patch got 1 things you must know, Whether you using auto patch or manual patch. Theres 2 Files patch, first one Core Patch [projectg515th.pak] [Auto / Manual Patch] and Side Cut-In Patch [projectg516th.pak] [Manual Patch Only] this file must be at your directory or the game will crash. There’s a Code for the Side Cut-in Patch. 600 for Pangya Screen Resolution 600×400 px, 800 for Pangya Screen Resolution 800×600 px, and 1024 for Pangya Screen Resolution 1024×768 or higher.
Please see manual patch @ Pangya.kurisutaru.net for download the 2nd patch files.
Happy Easter RPG-Pangya Member !



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