[RPG-Pangya!] K120701 Changelog’s


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Heya long time not doing patch for RPG-Pangya! (for real tomorrow i still got my final exam =P)
As traditional patch item rotation for Gacha and Papelshop
Gacha – White Platinum Air Knight [ITS STILL FRESH FROM THE OVEN !]
Gacha - White Platinum Air Knight
Papelshop – Star Headset
Papelshop - Star Headset
And for KPoint Shopper here for you =) [Note : Bonus Recharge Event already ended]
KPoint Shop Discount
and da Event
First one like a Approach Mode [Get KPoint from Treasure Box], but now it from Tournament Award
Tournament Awards
Lemme explain this one
There is 2 condition for scoring the KPoint
IF The Tournament total player more than 10 player, each award will be rewarded 5 KPoint but if total player under 10 each award will be rewarded 2 KPoint. Got it ?
Then Next, Video Contest [Be Creative ! Be Unique ! Be Winner !]
Video Contest
DO YOUR CREATIVITY HERE ! try to make a awesome video and put it on youtube [If you record a video with tomahawk backspin IT WILL BE NOT COUNTED !]
here the example long time ago i posted
and dont forget use this logo in your video for video contest entry 🙂
Other note
I got patch change system to force user patching its own client, from you can still enter the game without patch. but NOW YOU CANT enter anymore, if you not using latest version of patcher you can enter the game !
For those Player that donate over 250k this month, you get PWC Bronze Clubset for Free [and if you donate over 500k this month, you will get Hatsune Miku – APPEND Edition for free ! [ IT’S LIMITED EDITION AND LIMITED OFFER, not purchaseable even in KPoint Shop !]


Seems thats all,

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