Negima! x Pangya! – Complete Outfit


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Yay today got finished imported all Mahou Sensei Negima!, you dont have to go Pangya! JP to see this most popular outfit. Lemme do it for you =)
Personal Note for their Sound file :
– Negi [Nuri] : Best !
– Asuna [Erika] : Best ! + Kawaii
– Konoka [Lucia Type A] : Best ! + Kawaii
– Setuna [Lucia Type B] : Sound like a Male ? or a Female with high pitch sound ?
– Chiu [Arin] : Best + Kawaii
– Eva [Kooh] : Too Mature
– Feito [Kaz] : Too Flat, Like a Robot
– Nodoka [Nell] : Too bad, Sound were great and so Kawaii, but just ‘Nell’ ruin all #LOL
Please take a seat and enjoy the outfit =)
Negima Copyright Kodansha Japan and Pangya! Copyright Ntreev Soft co,ltd.

Here some Screeny of Them, see all Full gallery at

Negima! x Pangya! - Konoka

Negima! x Pangya! - Asuna
Negima! x Pangya! - Negi



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