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Note : Please Read Carfully about new Gacha System for this maintenance, before you ask me that already written here !

Time running fast and we already in september !
This patch i got some idea for expanding item variety at Gacha Coin with a new shop named ‘Kurisutaru’s Ticket Exchanger’


Kurisutaru’s Ticket Exchanger
Kurisutaru's Ticket Exchanger


New Outfit and rare item will be sold at this shop using Kurisutaru’s Ticket, those ticket only can be obtained from Gacha Coin.
Friendly Note : Those ticket WILL BE REMOVED EVERY PATCH !
Kurisutaru’s Ticket Shop : http://pangya.kurisutaru.net/forum/Thread-Trade-Kurisutaru-s-Ticket-Exchange


Running Man Event ! [See Description for Info]
Running Man !


Other Notice
Donation Offer
Donation Offer


Gacha and Papelshop
Donation Offer
Donation Offer



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