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Hmm, kinda confused what to say. Because, first the ending wasn’t like I expected (Yuuichi with Nayuki, nooooo 😥 ), I notice Aya role but kinda there is a story twist or only Me that expect the ending was Yuuichi with Nayuki ? :laugh:

Kanon - Nayuki <3

Uuuh Special Jam that made your world end in 5 . . .

Kanon - Special Jam

Good story with all character development, especially Nayuki face when see Piro

Kanon - Nayuki Neko Face

Its a lot of side story for main heroine that mixing up with the story, good one to watch. And got one or more things that you can pick up for your life from this anime. :laugh:
Short Gallery : http://kurisutaru.minus.com/mbsaaoibgkep8G





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