The Pondok Gede Housing II Adventure


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Yep, this is My Story that happen today 14 Dec 2012.
Backstory : I got request to help Herryawan team for leading them to The Pondok Gede Housing II at Pondok Gede – Bekasi. Yeah at that time I got nothing to do, so I help them.


Equipment : Nothing Fancy, just Scorpio-Z (225cc) and Raincoat :laugh:
Weather : Rain, Heavy Rain, Flood Everywhere
Injuries : Got freezing nerves for My Hand, Scorpio-Z alarm system seems broken, and FLAT ass :laugh:


The route going for crazy :laugh: got wrong direction many time because its My First time to go Bekasi area.
First Misroute : Going too far until Harapan Indah :laugh:, turn back and ask police for the direction
First Special Event : At Pondok Gede intersection (near Carrefour), this section were damn enough, flood near 50~80cm :pinch:.
Second Misroute : Its not misroute actually, the Police got damn enough for giving wrong direction, so we ask pedestrian for the address and got one right direction to Herryawan’s Lecturer House
Second Special Event : After Herryawan finish, then I unlock the alarm, then the bad things happen, key to unlock doesnt giving any respond for the unlock, so I try to plug the key and start up the bike aaaaand the alarm goes on :pinch: , so I open the under seat, loose up the cable to alarm. Meanwhile I press the key and got no unlock respond but when I press Engine start from the key, Hey the machine start up :laugh: , Lucky or Miracle ? Just sankyuu to God :happy:


On back to home after dropping Herryawan at Simpang Lima – Semper, I go for plumpang route but so damn crowd. When i got in front of Pertamina entrance, the old man shouted that motorcycle can use small path of other side river, so i follow the other and i just know that there a path can for crossing the crowd :laugh:


We see TMII and Museum Pancasila at wrong direction :laugh:
Okay that for My Story today, Arigatou if You read my story





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