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When gang fight each other but they didn’t realize that their leader were known each other (Best friend for sure). Then if you one of the gang leader and finally found that your best friend were the other gang leader, what will you do ? That the plot of Durarara!!


Durarara!! - Milk !
Milk = Good for health


But i somewhat dislike with the ending, so many element that still unclear. Like head of Celtic, romance within Mikado and Anri,and in the special Episode, who those 2 girls ? sister of Izaya ? when they introduce to us ?. I expected that there was a final battle with Izaya because he toying up with other character, but seem i got wrong :laugh:. Yah that from mine, just watch and comment it.


Ah here the my favorite quote from this series

Durarara!! - My Favorite Quote

Because the world isn’t terrible as you think


Here small screenshot gallery
Minus : http://kurisutaru.minus.com/mLg3oU2PPFeuS



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