[Holiday] At My Twins House


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Were twins ! Not Really :laugh: just We got same given name and same birthday ! Yeii ~ :laugh:
My Twins was Michael Kyon Kagamine
I got spend whole day at His house


Here All Timeline Event for Today
  • [6:30] Jakarta > Tangerang
  • [7:30] Everything flawless with My Visual Memory just got err kinda wrong direction to His House at His Housing Area [My Bad :laugh: , Instead passing of 2 alley, I just passing 1 alley]
  • [8:30] Bought a Smartfren Voucher to Ended of Stone Age [He really sure about this sentence :laugh: ]
  • [9:00] Establish Gaming Center Basecamp [He is the Second person that ever seen My Ancient Laptop :laugh: ]
  • [10:00] Try to share Smartfren Connection with Wifi, and Sucessfully sharing connection [But dont ask how bad the connection for Browsing, But it amazing for Gaming, see Image below]
  • [11:30] Got Hokben because His Sister Birthday today
  • [12:00] Coaching Clinic for Pangya! Giving some basic gameplay and advice to Him
  • [13:00] Got Chiffon Keeeeeeiki [Forgive the fla or whatever that is, GO FOR CHOCOLATE ! :laugh: karena ada coklat jadi fla nya dimaafkan]
  • [14:00 ~ 19:00] Play, Copy Files, Chit chat, etc etc
  • [20:00] Dinner with Fried Rice [Suroboyo Style #Ngakak]
  • [21:00] Chit-Chat and Giving Life advice [Especially for *uhuk* lope lope *uhuk*, wont see anyone will got like My Tragic one. Note : I’m not giving somewhat like provocation, because I believe everyone wants to be Happy Ending at Their Own Life Story]
  • [22:00] Critique for His Cantarella Kaito Suite [DONT ASK WHAT I CRITIQUE ABOUT THE SUITE , I wont ever hurt people again with My Critique 😥 Eh I tried those Suite actually, Ask Mike what I looked with those Suite :laugh: Maybe I can name it Kuri-to Cantarella Vocaloid Version ~ #Lari ]
  • [23:15 ~ 00:15] Tangerang > Jakarta [Landed Safely on My Bed]


This Quote from His Facebook Status

1 Day with Varenchinusu Michael クリスタル At my House..
Things i learnt,
1. How to share my Semarpret Connection with Wifi \ /
2. How to play Pangya!
3. Life Advice
and others…

Udah koneksi lemot, di share jdi 2…. Suprisingly pas maen itu stabil.. hanya saja klo browsing lemot minta ampyun

Note : Hurrr…. something is wrong with my foot It hurts when i walk….

Basecamp ! [I Think you can tell whose laptop is that]
Basecamp !
KitaGamers Pangya! – Mi’Kooh’ and Kaito’Kaz’
KitaGamers Pangya! - Mi'Kooh' and Kaito'Kaz'
WOOO With SmartFren + Wifi Tethering [2 People] + Elsword IDN = Green Bar ! No Lag ! Like a Boss !Elsword IDN - Green Bar !
Btw I got Kerow Renjer Gelope again
Elsword IDN - Glove
Special Thanks to My Twins Michael Kyon Kagamine for Today ! Her Sister for Hokben, Her Mother for some of Snack, Love the Keiiiiiki :laugh:

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