[Update] August 2013


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Another Monthly Update from Me ~
  • KitaGamers Pangya! – All Setup and Patch file will be moved to Game Server, since no one wanna help for fund raising that I post on Fan Page
  • I play again on Elsword Japan :laugh:
  • Gotta busy with real life, since KitaGamers Pangya! was out-of-the-option for Main Fund Source
  • Kurisutaru’s Voice Changer will be release soon for addition to support Ara and Elesis Sound Mod


This for KitaGamers Pangya! Player : I told ya this time, if you really still want those server, help to make it better then. I already spend countless of time for making the server better environment play, but if the community wont help, better close the server. Somewhat regret when I take this project. Then if someday server really really closed, dont ever ever search and blame me ‘why the server closing blah blah blah’ fuk that. I still do manage the server, just lazy to online.

tl;dr : Do as you wish to ‘your’ beloved server, I dont care anymore.


Elsword Japan ! :laugh:

Elsword Japan !

Kurisutaru’s Voice Changer :laugh:

Kurisutaru's Elsword Voice Changer v.1.00


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