[Bina Nusantara S1 Thesis] Knowledge Management

Kurisutaru's Knowledge Portal

This is My Official PHP Project that I created as requirement for Bachelor Degree at Bina Nusantara University.

Trivia : My Partner choose Knowledge Management as our Thesis Topics, He said that this Topic dont include anything about coding etc etc. But in First Week of Thesis Counseling, My Counselor said “You must finish Knowledge Management Portal in the end of Week 10 ~ 11. DON’T USE ANY CMS SOFTWARE !”. Kinda I got slapped there, since My Partner cant do anything with Coding. Back to home in desperation, I try to convince Myself that ‘I Can Do This !’. In the end, only One Day [about 15 Hours nonstop coding (since I not doing anything)] My PHP + MySQL Prototype Clear ! On second Week of Counseling, My Website got highest rating and My Counselor said “Michael you dont have to show this portal at Judgement Week (Week 10), You already pass it”. Wooo I just wanna jump around ! From that week I only make better design and check for flaw code.

Just wanna thanks for My Partner, because his decision to choose Knowledge Management. I can learn about developing a Web using PHP and MySQL. :laugh:

Language : PHP5
Database : MySQL
Library : Twitter Bootstrap v2

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