Kurisutaru’s Pangya! User Control Panel

KitaGamers Pangya! CP
Another PHP project that I create by Myself for KitaGamers Pangya! User Control Panel. Pure coding from scratch, mostly this web using AJAX as interface [I hate changing webpage actually, but not all]. For now only cover basic task like register, email verification, recharge cookies, create/join/kick/disband guild, and change password. I will continue to giving best user experience like Official one (Cant same exactly like official server, but i do My Best :happy: ). This is the biggest project I ever had, since it’s a new technologies for Me.


Language : PHP5
Database : Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
Library : jQuery + AJAX, Twitter Bootstrap v2, Pines Notify, PHP-XMailer
URL : now Kurisutaru’s Pangya! CP was hosted by KitaGamers. Click Here for Detail

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