Heya long time not doing patch for RPG-Pangya! (for real tomorrow i still got my final exam =P) As traditional patch item rotation for Gacha and Papelshop Gacha – White Platinum Air Knight [ITS STILL FRESH FROM THE OVEN !] Papelshop – Star Headset And for KPoint Shopper here for you =) [Note : Bonus Recharge Event already ended] and da Event First one like a Approach Mode [Get KPoint from Treasure Box], but now it from Tournament Award Lemme explain this one There is 2 condition for scoring the KPoint IF The Tournament total player more than 10 player,

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Story about 2nd Gathering (Kuri Edition lol) ? Time Line 12:00 AM ~ 6:30 PM – Kosan Kodoq 6:30 PM ~ 6:45 PM – Kontrakan Mon2 7:00 PM ~ 7:45 PM – Bakmie Kaget Syadan 8:00 PM ~ 10:20 PM – Level 1 Binus Dimulai dari berangkat ke kosan kodoq jam 12 siang, ngalor ngidul sampai jam 5:45 disaat mbee dateng, lanjut contact mbah kuren buat pastiin mon2 uda di kontrakan nya. Jalan jam 6:30 sampai di kontrakan mon2.. NOTE : Kalau mau manggil mon2 keluar dari kontrakan dibutuhkan Ultimate Spell [Created by poon] Step nya 1. Berdiri depan pintu

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Konnyanyachiwaaaaaa~~!! Yay today got finished imported all Vocaloid Outfit, you dont have to go Pangya! JP to see this most popular outfit. Lemme do it for you =) It contain 15 piece’s set of outfit including Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin, Kaito, Meiko, Megurine Luka, Sakine Meiko, and Megpoid GUMI. Please take a seat and enjoy the outfit =) Vocaloid Copyright Crypton Future Media and Pangya! Copyright Ntreev Soft co,ltd.

Yay ! Giveaway ! First, Sorry for no patch this month, because i got so many activities at Binus and League Season 2 still not finished yet. (That mean you still have at least 2 week for getting Platinum Gloves =) ) Just post/comment here and i will rewarded you 10 KPoint. Post Format as usual This giveaway will be end at the end of June Gomenasai ~ and Enjoy ! Kurisutaru.

Chococo Racing – Iseng Recording and Editing Music Track =) Song Name : Mage’s Melody Codec: FLAC (24 Bit) File Size : 41.4 MB (Dont complain about size, its all about quality) Download Link Mediafire : Indowebster : #Note 1 : Damn why Japan got almost best composer for Game Soundtrack #Note2 : Hard to decide for Cut-Off the Music Loop =( . Hope you like it, Enjoy =) Song are Copyright Square Enix !

Just finished creating those new Installer This New Installer already bundle with .net Framework 4 [Auto Install if you havent install those yet] And Included with Kurisutaru’s Game Updater v1.3 Any feedback and question just post it here, i will reply it ASAP To Download : > Tab > Client Download or Direct Link   Disclaimer ! This Installer has been tested @ Windows XP and Windows Server 2008 Enterprise R2 and Windows 7 [Tested by Treeflash] Sankyuu, Kurisutaru

Long time not updating this blog =( (gomen, coz i got busy last 2 week with college thingy =)) Yaay this time i dedicated my self to create Card Captor Sakura Theme on Pangya! (although some file cant be modified). Done in 3 days [approx 55 Hours working] Now The Breakdown Music always first =) ★ Bunny – Super Duper Love Love Days – [Card Captor Sakura Complete Vocal – Disc 4] ★ Crystal Lake – (GUMI) Hitorijme #LOVE DAT SONG ! [Card Captor Sakura Complete Vocal – Disc 4] ★ Crystal Weaver – Yasashisa no Shushi (Tane) (Tender Strings

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Yaay League Season 2 Bracket already finished, and using 8 Seeds of 16 Participant Beside the name there is a number, that mean you got Seeded. [Google for it what is Seeding in Tournament] Bracket can be access at Menu > Pangya! > RPG-Pangya League > Season 2 Play sportive and Be a CHAMPION ! Sankyuu, Kurisutaru.

Hurry up Recharge before offer expired =) Sankyuu, Kurisutaru.

Patch changelog’s not different too much with those one at ingame notice + Gacha : Big Papel + Papel Shop : Platinum Gloves Event : RPG-Pangya League Season 2 has Arrived ! Event Registeration : Event : Bonus KPoint for May Donation Sankyuu, Kurisutaru.




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