Kurisutaru’s Cheater Novel   Collection of Cheater Report that taken by Me or Other player as for Detailed Report that why he/she/it considered to cheating, with detailed evidence and supporting document.   Written by Kurisutaru Illustrated by Kurisutaru Published by Kurisutaru’s Publishing Copyright © 2013 *Updated Every cheater that spotted and taken down at KitaGamers Pangya!* ~ Volume 1 ~ Chapter 1. Y U NO HAVE FACEBOOK ID ? [Download] Enjoy ! Baca ! Bajak ! Sebarkan ! Kurisutaru

KitaGamers Pangya! – Kurisutaru’s Quiz-Quiz #2 ~ Question ~If Hole in One at Deep Inferno in Normal Server = 180 PangIf Albatross at Wiz-Wiz in Normal Server = 150 PangIf Eagle at Ice Cannon in Normal Server = 52 PangThen If Hole in One at Lost Seaways in Natural Server = [?] Pang ? ~ Prize ~#1 Elven Ear [Choose for One Character]#2 ~ #3 Rainbow Feather [Choose for One Character] Note : Pengambilan hadiah [Ingame] maximum 1 jam setelah Result diannounce ! Selebihnya = gugur. Rules still apply anyways. Reply FormatUserID :IGN : [Jawaban]

Now KitaGamers Pangya! Officially Launched !Read My Previous Post for Server Information or at Kaskus Thread

KitaGamers Pangya! – Pre-Test Phase Server Ended Today ! Sankyuu for Participating on Pre-Test Phase For Commercial Starter Kit aka Pre-Test Bonus Will be Distribute automatically when Commercial Phase, But Make sure that You are already verified to take this Bonus. Sankyuu, Kurisutaru.

Were twins ! Not Really :laugh: just We got same given name and same birthday ! Yeii ~ :laugh: My Twins was Michael Kyon Kagamine I got spend whole day at His house   Here All Timeline Event for Today [6:30] Jakarta > Tangerang [7:30] Everything flawless with My Visual Memory just got err kinda wrong direction to His House at His Housing Area [My Bad :laugh: , Instead passing of 2 alley, I just passing 1 alley] [8:30] Bought a Smartfren Voucher to Ended of Stone Age [He really sure about this sentence :laugh: ] [9:00] Establish Gaming Center

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~ Story ~ Pada siang hari yang panas kek neraka, Mah friend [ Michael ] mau minjem duit ke gw. Request accepted + langsung tancap ke iBank Abis login iBank > Transfer Dana > Daftar tujuan rekening > Bank Lain > Mala dapet begono :v Oke Telp langsung ambil Ancient N73 dan pijit nomor 14022, eh 500888. Disambut meriah oleh CSO nya #Ngakak. Setelah bla bla bla regis selesai, tak tanya mbah transfer ke rekening lain charge nya brp dibales begini “Untuk masalah transfer Bapak Michael, BCA memiliki 2 jenis transfer yaitu LLG dan RTGS”“Untuk LLG membutuhkan 2 hari

Read more » Proudly PresentKitaGamers Pangya! Season 4.5 DelightPre-Test Server Read Carefully, All Information already written on this Official poster Support will be guided HERE or My Facebook, Don’t hesitate to ask Me if You have a problem. Enjoy this finest Pangya! Season 4.5 Delight, See you on green ! Kurisutaru.

Cosplay event at Bina Nusantara University that held in 13 April 2013. Not Much explanation, just see My Gallery :laugh:   Miku Shrine ! Minus : Sankyuu, Kurisutaru.

Dunno if this ‘method’ categorized to Abusing System :laugh: Yep, 2 days ago during My Spare time I played a Elsword a bit, but somewhat My Character stamina were depleted so fast. Then I remember that Elsword IDN said if you using Pika Billing you will get benefit of wow [See Image Below] Then come up on My Idea for making ‘Virtually Cyber Billing’, yes if VoIP = Voice over Internet Protocol, this is BoIP = Billing over Internet Protocol :laugh: Then I setup Billing server on KitaGamers Pangya! Eu Server as My Billing Server and My Laptop as Billing

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Sorry for late update, because I’m so busy to preparing New Pangya! Private Server :happy:   Yes for real, this time we got sponsor that want to host a Pangya! Private server, but really sorry that we must wipe the database [Our sponsor need money too], other updates will be posted on My Facebook.   Here small ingame footage that will added in New Server Pangya! Natural Server   Ciao :laugh:

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