The voice changer just updated to support Rose voice Voice Changer Code-Name : Heavy Machinegun Nyaruko+ Voice Pack Code-Name : Rose – The First Signature Sign : ‎Wednesday, ‎June ‎1, ‎2016 06:29:59 PM Nothing major implemented *Still using same UI and same method to use* Oh also Voice Pack ready for Rose Voice You can check on here Thanks, Kurisutaru

Whoa long time haven’t post anything on this Blog Here the full story of Perkisas Raid Boss that I could share with you guys #kek Special Thanks to Eluminos Guildies *even though mostly I’m the one who active at all * Its no secret that if you want the legendary weapon you need spend some money, here the complete table list that I spend the ED to Ticket for Perkisas Scale Farming  

Hello hello ~ If you seen from a week on My Facebook Timeline, Yep I’m trying to re-host Pangya! Season 4.5+ with My Own Hardware.This time will be community server [Detail will be announce later]. Tl;DR This is Public Test, account wipe and renewed client redownload will be done after enough test for the functionality. Just throw some of image here Network Map     See that ? I using VPN for make a virtual hub. So you need to download a VPN Client and VPN configuration *See Below* Want to join ? Download these necessary toolsSoftether VPN Client :

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できたあああぁぁぁ LOL how many month since My Last Blog Post ? This time I wanna show you My new application creation *Drum-rolls* Kurisutaru’s Elsword KOM Utility ! What it for ? Simply Pack / Unpack any KOM that work for all server ! I only convert from Python KOM Packer/Unpacker to C# .NET since I found not really comfortable to use CLI and the UI based on ELS_KOM.exe [Drag and Drop] Here the Video Preview ! Note : I haven’t design the UI yet.



Pre-caution : I suggest you to read this story while listening on music Lets take a short briefing here I got this vacancy from Binus Career and take a look what they advertise on here Lemme copy their recruitment detail here Fresh Graduate Welcome. The Junior Web Developer will work independently on small projects as well as playing an integral part on bigger projects and will also working with experienced developers so it’s a great opportunity to learn. We’re ideally looking for a Junior Web Developer with a year’s professional experience who’s ambitious, articulate, bright, able to learn by it

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Another update ~ KitaGamers Pangya were confirmed for moving our server to Indonesian Server [Confirmed by KitaGamers Owner, but not now, since He said KitaGamers server still on build their infrastructure for best performance and connection latency] I still looking for Office Job [Programmer / IS Related] Looking for Player that play Elsword Japan, I need 3 consistent Player for Secret Dungeon and Henir Time and Space run ! Kurisutaru’s Voice Change will be updated on December, why ? Because Elesis coming to Elsword Japan on Dec, so I can test their kom number   Thanks for still visiting My

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Been while from last update right ? Here small summarizing about this [Mid] Month thingy Doing Great on Elsword Japan [A lot, lot lot of Event, though My team lacking of People to join the Event. Still fun anyways !] KitaGamers Pangya! changed operation to Community Server [See Explanation below] Been healthy for past these month I’m looking for office job as PHP Developer or IS major task [System Analyst or Business Analyst]. Interest to take Me ? Just leave message Explanation for Community Server. Because I have run out of Idea to make this server more player to join.

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Another Monthly Update from Me ~ KitaGamers Pangya! – All Setup and Patch file will be moved to Game Server, since no one wanna help for fund raising that I post on Fan Page I play again on Elsword Japan Gotta busy with real life, since KitaGamers Pangya! was out-of-the-option for Main Fund Source Kurisutaru’s Voice Changer will be release soon for addition to support Ara and Elesis Sound Mod   This for KitaGamers Pangya! Player : I told ya this time, if you really still want those server, help to make it better then. I already spend countless of

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Since My Host [ye for host installer and patch at IDC] nearby expired at 8 October 2013, I’m only opening 4 Fund Raising Package. Usually this thingy Occured every year, near host payment ~ Each Package cost at IDR 150.000 that contain1.500 K’ash1 x Kurisutaru’s Ticket [Yep Ticket, Only Special occasion that you will get Ticket like this] Just Note : If the fund raising dont get until expected [IDR 600.000] It’s Ok, but dont blame me that I will remove all files from, since I must downgrade My Host Package from 2GB Space to 275MB. So All files

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A Full Pangya! Theme that dedicated for 68th Indonesia Independence Day, mix match with Pangya! Christmas Theme Theme Designer : KurisutaruArtwork : Kuroha Ai from REDSHiFT Vocaloid Project [Image from Merah Pugih Vocaloid (2011) Booklet]OST : REDSHiFT – Tanah Airku [Merah Putih Vocaloid (2011)] ~ Screeny ~ Patcher Lobby Waiting Room Loading Pangya! Text

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